In this short post, I’ll save you a ton of money and explain why you should never run a BeatStars promo to promoting your Profile as a target, instead of a specific track or album.

BeatStars promo is not worth it

If you’ve ever tried promoting your profile on BeatStars, you might have noticed that it can actually boost the number of people following you. I know, it feels great: during an active promo campaign, you see a bunch of new follower notifications every time you refreshing the page. “A bit more, and I’ll be famous,” you think. But hold on.

As soon as you check your play stats, your rosy outlook shatters. Yes, you got new followers, and technically, BeatStars promo works, but the play stats show no peaks. It still stands at 28 plays per month, and these are not converting into sales. And there’s a simple reason for this.

During the promo, BeatStars forces new accounts to follow you

Let me show you how the sign up process on BeatStars is designed. Everyone who registers a new profile on BeatStars is forced to follow at least three other users. And this is where your profile can pop up if you currently running a BeatStars promo campaign with Profile as a target!

Did you see this? You can’t finish the registration process without selecting 3 users to follow. But by default, all the users that appear in this window (24 creators) are selected:

So these people who follow you, know literally nothing about you. They only see your name and profile picture, they can’t listen to your music and decide if they like it or not, and they follow you just because they can’t skip this step. That’s why during the promo you don’t see any boost in plays and sales: BeatStars promo is just not created to give you that.

What you should do instead
Instead of running a promo campaign targeting your profile, try focusing on the search optimization of your beats. Learn how BeatStars search ranking works and pick the right tags for your uploads.

The only reason to use promo to boost your profile

My personal and highly subjective verdict is this: you can use BeatStars promo to promote your profile only if you want to increase the number of followers. These numbers in your profile, however, won’t match the plays of your tracks. A more effective strategy would be to offer free downloads in exchange for a follow: this way, you’ll grow your following, plays, and email list.

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