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Use the audio player below to find and download free beats for your next song. Use the search bar and genre, tempo, or mood filters to find exactly what you’re looking for!

100% free

My beats are 100% free for profit. That means you can publish your songs on social media or streaming platforms and keep all the revenue, as long as you follow these simple terms of use.

Free download

Download free beats from the player above and start creating your next song. No payment information required, just an email address to send you the download link.

Copyright free beats

My beats are 100% copyright-safe. You won’t get any claims and can use them completely for free as long as you properly credit me as the producer.


Well, almost untagged. The file you’ll be downloading contains just one tag in the intro. Not for protection purposes, but as my artistic signature.

Monetization allowed

The profits from your song belong to you and you alone. So all revenue from digital distribution and the YouTube partnership program goes right into your pocket.

Find your beat

Browse through my free beats and find the right one by using the search bar, genre, or mood filters.

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Click the download button and enter your email address. Your free beat will be sent to you automatically.

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Once you have the song, you can upload it to any streaming service or social media platform!

You're the one and only.
Your music should be too.

Free beats are a good start, but exclusive beats give you full control over your music. They’re 100% yours, and no one else’s song will have the same instrumental.

Download free beats and keep all your earnings with these simple terms

See what you can and can’t do with your free beats. You can freely monetize your digital releases and use my music in your content. For even more monetization options, check out my exclusive beats.

Free for Profit Beats


Perfect option for independent artists at the beginning of their journey, looking to monetize their music online without any upfront cost.

As an artist, you can download my free beats and use them in your new songs.

If you're a content creator looking for background music for your content, you can use my beats without worrying about copyright claims.

Release your music on digital platforms like Spotify and Apple Music and keep all your profits. You can also monetize your videos with my free beats through the YouTube partnership program (not Content ID).

In any use case mentioned above, attribution is required (e.g., "prod. by anotherxlife" or "music by anotherxlife").

All my free beats include just one signature tag in the intro, which must remain unaltered.

While publishing your song to audio streaming platforms, make sure that you don't apply your track to content identification systems like YouTube Content ID.

This type of license is not permitted for radio, television, or broadcast.

You can't perform live with free beats (for-profit or non-profit) because the rights you get with my free beats are only for internet releases.

You can change the length of the beat and its structure, but other modifications are prohibited. The beat, as a piece of my creative work, should remain unaltered.

You own your song; however, the beat is still in my catalog and can be downloaded and used by others an unlimited number of times.

Redistribution of the beat itself without explicit consent is prohibited.

Frequently asked questions about free beats

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about free for profit beats, how to use them, and how to release the final product that is your song. But if you still have questions, feel free to contact me anytime via email.

How do I download your free beats?

You can download free beats directly from the player above. Just click the download button next to the beat you want and enter your email address to receive the download link.

What format are your beats in?

These free downloads are provided as high-quality MP3 files (320kbps).

What does "free for profit" mean?

“Free for profit beats” means you can use these beats in your songs, content, and other projects, and earn money from them without paying for the beat itself. However, there are some usage terms, including giving proper credit to the producer.

How should I credit the producer if I use a free beat?

Just include “prod. by anotherxlife” or “music by anotherxlife” somewhere in the title or description of your project. This could be in a YouTube video’s description, track metadata, or any other visible place where people can see who produced the beat.

On which platforms can I upload my tracks with free beats?

You can upload finished songs to audio streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and others, as well as to social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. However, remember not to register your song with Content ID.

Why can’t I apply my songs with these free beats to Content ID?

You cannot upload tracks recorded with these beats to content identification systems like YouTube Content ID since these systems require exclusive rights, which free beats (and even licensed beats) do not provide. You can learn more about Content ID requirements here.

Are there any free distributors I can use to release my music?

You can use free music distribution services like ONErpm, FreshTunes, and UnitedMasters to release your music on various streaming platforms. There are also many other distribution services out there that charge a small fee, like Soundrop, which charges $0.99 per track, or DistroKid, which charges $20.99 per year for unlimited tracks.

I really like one of your free beats. Can I just buy it from you?

These beats are not for sale, sorry. However, there is a page on my site with exclusive beats that have never been licensed to anyone. You can buy one of them with full rights. I usually make similar beats for both catalogs.

Can I request a custom beat?

I do not offer custom beats at the moment, but you can leave your suggestions and preferences in the comments or via email. I may consider them for future releases.

How often are new free beats added to the catalog?

I try my best to upload at least one free beat to my catalog per week. Not always successful 🙂