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From hard trap bangers to romantic r&b vibes

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After your purchase, all beats are delivered in the highest quality without voice tags πŸ‘Œ

Recording-ready quality

Book a studio session right after you get your beat: it's already perfectly mixed for recording your vocals on it. Your sound engineer will thank you.

Uniqueness matter

Don't be a copy of someone else β€” let your music make you stand out! The beats I make are not just "type beats": they sound unique, like you.

Instant delivery

Nothing can move faster than the speed of light. Except for my beats: they will be delivered to your email immediately after payment.

Package discounts

For every beat in your cart, you get one more with the same license for free! Bulk deals are activated automatically.

How much does it cost to buy a beat?

Check the information below for prices and leasing rights. Chose the appropriate license to your needs.


$30 per track
  • Perfect for beginner artists working on their first releases.

  • MP3 file
  • Untagged
  • 2,500 copies for digital distribution
  • 1 music video
  • 100,000 audio & video streams
  • 1,000 non-profit performances
  • Paid performances
  • Radio stations
  • Broadcasting rights
  • Content ID


$50 per track
  • License for independent artists working on a small-scale projects.

  • MP3 + WAV files
  • Untagged
  • 5,000 copies for digital distribution
  • 1 music video
  • 250,000 audio & video streams
  • 2,000 non-profit performances
  • 200 paid performances
  • 1 radio station
  • Broadcasting rights
  • Content ID

Unlimited πŸ”₯

$100 per track
  • Unlimited distribution, all files formats. Best choice for large-scale projects.

  • MP3 + WAV + Trackouts
  • Untagged
  • Unlimited copies for digital distribution
  • Unlimited music videos
  • Unlimited audio & video streams
  • Unlimited non-profit performances
  • Unlimited paid performances
  • Unlimited radio stations
  • Broadcasting rights
  • Content ID

Exclusive πŸ’Ž

$500 per track
  • For professional artists and labels who want to get unlimited rights and full ownership to the beat.
  • MP3 + WAV + Trackouts
  • Untagged
  • Unlimited distribution, music videos, streams, downloads
  • Unlimited performances
  • Unlimited radio stations
  • Broadcasting rights
  • Content ID
  • The beat can no longer be licensed to other artists
  • The beat will be removed from the sale and hidden from my catalog

100% royalty free

You own all the rights to your song. Keep all your earnings and don't pay any royalties as long as you have the license.

No sample clearance needed

My beats contain no materials that violate the rights of third parties. I use only licensed sounds, so you have nothing to worry about.

Forever yours

There is no time limit on the duration of your license. Your song is still yours even after 10 years.

Contract included

With every purchase, you get a license agreement. It protects your rights and allows you to earn money from your song.


All of my beats also are sorted by playlists. It’s another way to find the perfect instrumental for your next song.

My favorite ones πŸ”₯

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Free for profit beats playlist

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Updated on February 11, 2021

R&B / trapsoul beats ❀

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Hard trap beats 🀬

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Cold & dark beats ❄

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Guitar beats 🎸

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asked questions

In the section below, you can find answers to some frequently asked questions about buying beats online, free beats usage policy, etc.

When you buy beats online, you're not just getting *.mp3 or *.wav files of instrumental you like. You are actually buying the rights to use someone else's work, or in other words, getting a license to use this beat in your project. Buying and selling the rights to the beats are what is called licensing (also known as leasing).

Regardless of which license you purchase, all files are delivered to you completely untagged. Voice tags are contained only in preview versions of the beats you can hear in the audio player.

Instantly! Right after you complete the payment, you will receive two emails β€” the one with a receipt and the second one with links to your files and the license agreement.

Sure! Just contact me using theΒ contact form and provide me the details of your order: transaction ID or your PayPal email with the approximate date of purchase. Once I receive this information, I will resend you an email as quickly as possible!

Also, if you are a BeatStars user, you can find the history of all your purchases by logging into your account and checking the Purchased page.

Yes, absolutely! All the beats you can find on this page are 100% free. You also don't have to share any royalties or anything like that with me. Just credit me as the producer of the track, and that's more than enough.

I'm always here to answer any questions or just to talk

Got any questions regarding my music, services or any other type of cooperation? Feel free to e-mail me using the contact form below.