Shake Bundle • After Effects + FL Studio audio visualization templates


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With this templates, your audience can not only hear but also see how powerful your beats are! Introducing Shake — my brand new audio visualizer template bundle for Adobe After Effects and FL Studio.

Customize it just in a few clicks: add new pictures, change the colors, turn on the progress bar or audio spectrum, and so on. Press play and find a safe place, because Shake destroys everything in its path!

Tech requirements

The FL Studio template requires that you have FL Studio 21 or newer installed on your computer. The After Effects template can be opened with most versions, but I recommend using CC 2022 or newer (English version required). There are no other technical requirements for your computer, but the more powerful your system, the faster the rendering will be.

What if I need tech support or I have some questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime at You can also contact me via Instagram: @anotherxbeats